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Special Insurance&Reinsurance Solutions For you


 As Boğaziçi Broker, we are always supporting our clients with our staff that are experienced, professional, and educated in the areas of both insurance and reinsurance solutions. One of the most important purposes of our company is to provide the best rate to our clients in cooperation with our elite Reinsurance Companies, Insurance Companies and other solution partners. To provide the client satisfaction with qualified, fast, ethic and the most suitable conditioned services is always a source of pride of our company.

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Boğaziçi Broker gives professional serving to its customers since 2005. one of the most important missions of our company is to give the most convenient rate and the most wide-ranging service. Our company is working as Reinsurance Broker, Insurance Broker, Insurance Counselor and Risk Management Counselor and we have come to a prestigious stage in insurance area in a very short time.(See all...)




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